A free percussive toolkit sampled in the Highlands of Scotland, to give your music rustic edge.

"Bothy" is a small Scottish hut, used for refuge, often abandoned, always haunted.

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Samples include:

  • A marching band drum 

  • Bagpipe puffs and drone ​

  • Chanter squeal

  • Accordion stabs and 'breaths'

  • Bodhran hits

  • Metal clangs 

  • A viking burp 

  • Fiddle slides 

  • Autoharp and saw hits 

  • More surprises!

3 Parameters:


  • TIN BOTHY makes it sound as if it's inside a corrugated iron shack.

  • STOVE gives a real crackling fire aura

  • MIDGE it wouldn't be Scottish without a cloud of midges (noise)

54.4 MB

3 octaves to play with

30 samples

For Full Version of Kontakt 5.8 and up


DSC_0261 copy.JPG


Bothy Beats is an onomatopoeia of a virtual instrument: a raw percussive sound palette to give your music 'laldy' (oomph in Scotland). It combines the Bodhran and Bagpipes with squeaky tin bothies, clangs and bangs. Oh and a rogue accordion. Rural bliss to play with. 


This instrument pays homage to the wonderful array of abandoned bothies in the Highlands and conjures the whiskey-fuelled spirits that haunt them. Perfect for adding realism and character. Think grotty 'Braveheart'!