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The International Archive of Dreams

The International Archive of Dreams is a library/archive and floating boat museum dedicated to dreaming, which invited people to document their dream experiences and participate in workshops, drink tea and dream. The space hosted monthly performances, using sublimely ridiculous dream narratives as inspiration for theatrical and musical performance. Our online archive is accessible to all, where people can share their dreams and discover others’. 

Regardless of class or race, be you vegetarian or kleptomaniac, princess or pirate, homeless or at home, we all dream. This is one surreal yet beautiful human/animal phenomena that connects us all. This space was a reaction to these ideas, and attempted to create a microcosm of the mind. That it floated was of the utmost importance- the space must be able to reach multiple communities, move and disappear…

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Created by Lucie Treacher. Funded by Arts Council England.



A piece for Voice, Harp and Glass percussion performed at the Saatchi gallery's Gestamkunstwerk exhibition. Inspired by Thomas Zipp's "A.B.:H.G.:B.16."

Constellations - Lucie Treacher
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Catalogue of Bones and Stars

An interactive sonic and visual installation celebrating

female scientists currently in development as part of

Sound and Music's Composer Curator 2019/2020.

To be shown Spring 2019.

Now Play This

Assistant Producer for the 2019 Festival of Experimental Games at Somerset House.

Now Play showcases interactive and playful new work as part of the London Games Festival.

Time and Tide

A sound sculpture for an exhibition at the Lillie Gallery. The participant listened to field recordings woven with poetry through shell headphones.

Ioana lupascu: Untold Stories

Creating live soundscapes in response to Ioan Lupascu's pop-up exhibition of paintings

at the Playground, Dalston.

From the Foreshore

A sound installation for an exhibition of sculpture and photography recreating the sea entirely using the human voice.

Created for an exhibition at Brown's Gallery, Tain, Scotland.

A piece commissioned for the Totally Thames Festival which explores the concept of 'Mudlarking' (scavenging for flotsam and jetsam on the banks of Thames) with sound. Performed on Erith Pier using nyckelharpa, field recordings and poetry


Recycled Music

A secretive on-going project which sends pieces of music across the sea in washed up bottles to unknown recipients.