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Fiddlesticks takes a highly unusual, ancient instrument - the Swedish Nyckelharpa - and creates a spine tingling set of atmospheres, to blast your listeners with a cold North wind. 


4 Articulations:

  • CRYNCH an epic plucked-bass articulation fusing pizzicato with some creaks and squeaks to create a richly textured bass sound

  • TYCKLE  a dreamy pad which fuses col legno ricochets and a rich legato tone

  • LYNGER a shivery sul tasto pad accented by the nyckelharpa's characterful key clicks

  • WHYSPER eerie harmonic slides, which make for super interesting chords

3 Parameters:

  • Gale Force add a cold North whistle-y wind 

  • Stutter a ping-pong delay that adds depth and movement

  • Shimmer add layers of sul tasto (scratchy) tremolo

500mb download size 

4 octaves

For Full Version of Kontakt 5.8 and up




Blessed by pagan witches, Fiddlesticks is a virtual instrument that will transport you to the snow-speckled forests of Scandinavia. It has both an epic and delicate quality, fusing the rich timbre of the nyckelharpa with shimmering organic textures.  A nyckel-what you say?  The nyckelharpa is an ancient Swedish fiddle, characterised by its unusual set of keys, which gives it loads of 'clunk' and oodles of character. Fiddlesticks turns this ancient sounding instrument into something that feels quite contemporary.


The atmospheres are designed by layering different close-miked articulations together to create sonic tapestries for you to immerse yourself in. Perfect for adding a bit more movement to ambient soundtracks, or a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to your music. What's more the interface is super cute to work with: you'll find the parameters stuck to the vintage suitcase, a contraption to help you travel to unchartered sonic territory.