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opera and orchestral   music with a theatrical counterpart


A new opera performed at the Bussey Building, Peckham, by the

Multi Story Orchestra.

A collaboration with three different composers to create three different acts. 

Commissioned by the Opera Story.

Stranded and starving in the woods, Snow encounters an abandoned house which is subsequently raided by the pyromaniac villagers...

A Concerto celebrating the wonderful sounds of the washing machine!

Performed by the City of London Sinfonia at Cadogan Hall.


I. Wash

II. Spin

III. Rinse

Washing Machine Concerto


An Opera commissioned by Tete a Tete Opera Festival, performed at Kings Place.

Music by Lucie Treacher Libretto by Joanne Harris (Author of Chocolat).

Performed by Joan Rodgers, Adam Sullivan and the Chroma Ensemble.

(Photos by Clare Shovelton)

The Queen of the Jellyfish falls in love with her counterpart in the sky- the Moon...


A 'Pop-up-Opera' commissioned by Tete a Tete Opera Festival, performed in


and around Kings Cross. Libretto by Joanne Harris (author of 'Chocolat').



A Clockmaker, dissatisfied with his wife, decides to build a new one...

The Fisherman's Brides 

An Opera written and produced by Lucie Treacher,  performed for the Tete a Tete Opera Festival at Central Saint Martin's Platform Theatre.

Featuring Linda Hurst

Set designed by Lucie Treacher 

(Photos by Clare Shovelton)


A new opera that explores the eccentric, weather-­beaten characters of a Highland fishing community

VerdE's Requiem : A Horror Opera

A short stop-frame animation, inspired by the concept that vegetables scream (or sing!) when they are pulled out of the ground. Created by the Gap tooth collective (Lucie Treacher and Catalin Filip).