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pieces      weaving of sound into installations images amd narratives

Singing in the longest echo in the world

'Painting with sound' in an abandoned oil tunnel in the North of Scotland. The space holds the world record for the longest echo. 

An improvisation with voice and nyckelharpa, weaving text from a poem by Norman Gibson 'Kneightia Leidy’.


Lucie is currently expanding these improvisations into a thirty minute film called 'Cryosphere' funded by Creative Scotland.

A new piece for Balinese Gamelan

Music and film by Lucie Treacher.

Dance by Dewi Ariati. 

A kaleidoscope is a porthole through which we see the world. This concept is the starting point for  'Kaleidoscope', which uses gamelan, dance and film as a medium to explore cross-cultural encounters and the way in which our own cultural lens distorts our perception of the 'other'. 


Washing Machine Concerto

A Concerto celebrating the wonderful sounds of the washing machine!

Performed by the City of London Sinfonia at Cadogan Hall.


I. Wash

II. Spin

III. Rinse

A Short Interlude

A choral piece with toothbrushes for the night-time.

To be performed in pyjamas.

Recycled Music

A secretive on-going project which sends pieces of music across the sea in washed up bottles to unknown recipients.

A piece commissioned for the Totally Thames Festival which explores the concept of 'Mudlarking' (scavenging for flotsam and jetsam on the banks of Thames) with sound. Performed on Erith Pier using nyckelharpa, field recordings and poetry