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theatre   creation and performance of immersive experiences

Catalogue of Bones and Stars

(currently in creation to be performed next spring)

"Catalogue of Bones and Stars" is a new interactive show that celebrates women scientists, created for children and adults alike. Using music, puppetry, technology and science, the show encourages children to think past their everyday and reach up to the stars and beyond! It will be presented by two ground-breaking female scientists: the pioneering female astronomer, Caroline Herschel and Mary Anning, one of the most important palaeontologists of all time. One looking up to the sky, one down to earth, both these women bravely delved into the scientific unknown. 


The show celebrates these two scientists and their search for their own place within the cosmos as their minds collide in a magical way. One day while out excavating for fossils, Mary tears a small crack in the earth. Through this crack we are sucked with Mary into a chasm, in which Mary's and Caroline's lives tumble together. In this shared universe they drink tea, discuss gender issues and dinosaurs come to life on the surface of the Mars. The show is highly interactive: the children will be invited to sing, think, dream, learn about fossils and stars, listen to shells and dance on the moon! 

Funded by Sound and Music as part of Composer Curator 2019/2020

Factory of Broken Dreams


An Immersive adult puppet show about the decline of industry in Norfolk.

Created by Hocus Pocus Theatre

Norwich Puppet Theatre 2018



An Immersive adventure based on the story of J.M Barrie .

Created by the Guild of Misrule, the creators of The Great Gatsby 

The Vaults, London 2018 and

Theatre Deli, Sheffield 2017

Secret Cinema

Casino Royale: an immersive world of high stakes, sophistication and deception. Currently performing in London.

Summer 2019

100% Accurate Fortune Telling

An interactive pop-up show at Glastonbury, concerning fortunes, angels, devils and mud.

Created by Strange Weather Syndicate

Glastonbury 2017 



A compelling one-woman show that follows the story of eighteen-year-old Simone as she is gripped by a magnetic and overwhelming wanderlust.

Forced by powerful and disturbing impulses to abandon her family and travel in the open, Simone runs away from home and ventures into the wild.

Created by award-winning playwright John Foster and directed by Charmaine K Parkin

Toured Summer 2019




A Production of Cabaret with members of the LGBTQIA community, with an emphasis on confronting Islamophobia.

Created by LGBTQIA against Islamophobia

SOAS, London 2017