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There is a folk-like charm to Treacher’s floating melodies,

which form and dissipate like passing thoughts...

                                                                       They are part of a sound world gleaned from an elemental instrumental palette, sonic gestures that combine in more sculptural form than temporal...

_ The Scotsman

Lucie is a composer and performer from the Highlands, creating music for image, story, movement and play. For each of her projects she crafts bespoke samples and sounds that fuse unusual acoustic instruments with electronics and field recordings. With her vivid creative imagination she conjures vibrant sound-worlds, weaving kaleidoscopic rhythmic textures with melodies from the heart.

Lucie has created work for major UK venues such as Kings Place, the Saatchi gallery, Cadogan Hall and the Southbank Centre, as well as pieces for subterranean caves, bathrooms and washing machines. As a composer Lucie has been involved in a spectrum of projects, taking her from film and video games to experimental music and opera. She has created music for Scottish Opera, the Chroma ensemble, the Multi-Story Orchestra, the City of London Sinfonia and the Aldeburgh Festival, and written operas with writers such as Joanne Harris (author of 'Chocolat'). Lucie was selected as one of Sound and Music's Composer-Curators for 2019/2020 and in 2020 was chosen as one of the winners of Scottish Natural Heritage and Feis Rois's In Tune with Nature composition competition. Lucie is more recently involved in film and animation projects : Lucie has an MA in Scoring for Film and Video Games from Berklee College of Music and has contributed additional music to the Netflix film 'Outlaw King'. Lucie worked as an in-house composer for Spitfire audio and has worked for Indian composer A R Rahman in projects in Bollywood. In 2022 she recorded her orchestral film piece 'Microscopia' at Air Studios with a 50 piece orchestra. She also builds her own virtual instruments as part of a project called Folklorica : a meeting of technology and mythology. Lucie seeks to engage with the environment in her work and created a 360 virtual storytelling experience set in a lighthouse, called Bones + Stars, which encourages people to explore the earth and skies through a celebration of women scientists.


Lucie is currently working on an animation series for Nexus Studios and the charity Room to Read, to be released in October 2023. 

Stitched into her compositions and performances are rich and vivid instrumental textures: Lucie did her BA in Ethnomusicology at SOAS and plays lots of instruments from the unique Swedish nyckelharpa to Balinese Gamelan and musical saw. She has collaborated as an instrumentalist with artists from the Lydian Collective to Sarathy Kowar, playing at festivals such as Cheltenham Jazz Festival and Green Man, Wales. She has performed solo instrumental and vocal parts for soundtracks for video games such as Alto's Odyssey, Monument Valley II and Warhammer III. As a performer Lucie has also been involved in a number of immersive theatrical experiences from acting as a kooky fortune teller for a pop-up show at Glastonbury to working for the enigmatic Secret Cinema. In her spare time, she runs the International Archive of Dreams, an archive and museum which invites people to record and document their dreams and learn about dreaming as well as inviting them to use this bank of dreams to create surreal theatre narratives.

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